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Backend Developer
Location: Santa Monica, CA - Remote Option

Company Background

Spl.yt Core Foundation, a Science Blockchain-backed company operating out of Santa Monica, CA, is an open-sourced global inventory and affiliate marketing platform. The platform is a smart contract-based e-commerce protocol that will transform the way businesses market, operate, and sell online nearly for free by removing intermediaries. Spl.yt’s top smart contract capabilities include a real-time inventory system, automated affiliate marketing rewards, fractional asset sales and management, inter-marketplace reputation tracking, and an alternative dispute resolution system. All of these features are powered by the blockchain, assuring that anyone who buys or sells things powered by Spl.yt will have the fairest and most secure e-commerce experience possible. For more details, please visit https://www.spl.yt/.

Position Summary

The Back End Developer will be handling the MEAN stack or something similar to it. This team member will be responsible for creating lean systems that supports blockchain technologies, and will report directly to the CTO.


  • Work closely with other developers on creating a blockchain-based end-to-end product
  • Suggest limitations and find solutions to blockages on major alterations
  • Will work with all core devs on getting projects completed
  • Must be able to work on site with the team, and confront any additional production environment bugs


  • B.S. in Computer Science or Software Engineering
  • 3+ years of experience in server-side development
  • 1+ years of developing in the Express framework in a production environment
  • 1+ years of developing REST API
  • Extensive knowledge of object-oriented architectural and design patterns
  • Must be able to adapt and learn newer technologies like IPFS, Swarm, IPDB, and other distributed storage solutions
  • Experience working with complex database schemas (MongoDB, IPFS, Swarm, etc.)
  • Motivation, ambition, and strong communication and collaboration skills
  • Experience with continuous integration and a deployment environment
  • Experience with end-to-end data and large-scale performance challenges
  • A good understanding of Agile concepts
  • An appreciation for automated testing and code maintainability