"E-commerce has long been mired by middlemen who take a cut of each transaction, Spl.yt’s decentralization of e-commerce means better prices for buyers and more reach for sellers."
- Mike Jones CEO Science, Inc.
E-commerce is a $1.95T Industry Today

E-commerce is broken as the top four players make up over 63% of the market

Amazon alone controls 49% of the market which means they can increase costs or censor sellers with no resource

Amazon is Taking Money Out of your Pocket

Amazon takes up to 40% of seller’s revenue

Amazon will hit $250B of e-commerce revenue in 2018

Of that 68% or $176B is generated from third party sales


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Spl.yt creates a competitive network by unifying the all other e-commerce players

Spl.yt provides an alternative platform from the big players with no platform fees