PRIVACY POLICY is an innovative approach to E-commerce using blockchain powered smart contracts and shared information ledgers.’s products are still under development, but we are excited to use our website and associated social media accounts to facilitate the growth of our project. This document explains how collects, stores, uses, handles and protects personal information and communications of users (“user,” “you”). The terms “us”, “we”, or “our” refer to

1. Collection of Information
The website in its current form collects data through two methods: 1) general user information generated through the use of the website, including (but not limited to) a user’s IP address, browser and operating system specifications, browsing behaviors (such as pages navigated or how much time spent), device MAC addresses, or anything generated through “cookie” operations; and 2) information and communications with the team through the website’s communication submission form, including (but not limited to) name, email addresses, business information, and content of those correspondences. We are the sole owners of such information, collect such information at our discretion, and can choose not to collect such information as we choose. All information may be stored on personal devices under any security protocol that we choose (as allowed by law), or on a third-party storage system under security protocols as provided by those services. may also collect user information from third-party communication platforms such as Slack, Gmail, GitHub, or Twitter. Such information is subject to the same policy as above so far as it complies with any of those third-party services’ privacy policies as listed on their websites. may engage in testing trials of its products as they are developed. Any information collected through such a trial is subject to the terms of this policy unless otherwise clearly stated as a term for participating in such a trial.

2. Cookies and/or its affiliates may place small data files, including cookies or pixel tags, on your computer or other device when you access the Site to help customize your buyer experience and provide the type of services and products that fit your needs. This effort may include using these technologies to assess marketing strategies, ease website navigation, or any other use we deem appropriate for our business purposes. may use different types of cookies, including (but not limited to) session cookies, persistent cookies, or flash cookies. If you would like to control how cookies or other data files are loaded onto your computer or your device, you may do so using your browser settings or add-ons, though this may interfere with your customer experience. Nonetheless, we are not obligated to use these methods and do so at our discretion as permitted by law.

3. Storing, Using, and Sharing Personal Information will store any personal information in its database, which may be provided and serviced by a third-party. We may also use third-party services for its marketing purposes, (e.g. Google Analytics), or for other consultation to help improve our operations. Information will only be provided to these third-parties to the extent that it is necessary for those purposes, and does not sell or provide your information to third-parties for their own marketing purposes without your consent. contractually binds its third-party affiliates through confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to ensure that your information is not used for any purpose not outlined in this Privacy Policy.
We may also provide your information to government or law officials when compelled to do so by a legal court order, subpoena (as required by law), or a valid warrant. We will make every attempt to notify a user whose information may be gathered under such an order, and will make reasonable attempts to resist compliance with such an investigation until receiving an enforcement order by a court of law or other legally binding authoritative body. Any other disclosure of your information to third-parties will only occur with your consent.

4. Blockchain Related Information’s core products rely on smart contract and other blockchain-enabled protocols. We may collect, use, or analyze activity as it occurs on any main or testnet blockchain ledger of any kind. Blockchain information is defined as any information accessible through exploring and analysis of blockchain ledgers, which may include (but is not limited to) blockchain wallet addresses or resolver information, transaction history information, smart contract calls or utilization, technical information related to the use of a blockchain, personally identifiable information as is discernable by publically-available or discrete blockchain analysis sources, “gas” usage, or account balances. While we may store any information and analysis that we gather through such channels as other information outlined in this policy, such information should be considered non-private given the publically-accessible nature of blockchains and we do not promise to store any of information gathered from exploring and analyzing public blockchains in any secure method.

5. Amendments may alter this Privacy Policy at its discretion at any time for any or no reason. Prominent notice of any changes may or may not be posted on our site, and you should check for updates regularly. Any changes will include a corresponding “Last updated” date shown at the top of this page and such changes will go in effect immediately. The latest version of the Privacy Policy will be considered as superseding any previous version unless otherwise noted.

6. Contact Us
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our support at