Global Inventory on the blockchain


What is is an e-commerce protocol for a global listing platform on the blockchain. The protocol facilitates a more efficient system of e-commerce that saves buyers, sellers, and marketplaces time and money by automating key intermediary functions. token economics incentivizes users to transact fairly and provides for a more secure e-commerce experience.

Global Inventory Listing’s global inventory listing platform allows anyone to participate. Once connected, users can view the global inventory that is made up of individual listings autmatically populated from affiliate e-commerce websites. Therefore, shoppers only need to visit one e-commerce site to search for and purchase their desired item securely and at the lowest market price.

Inventory Upload
& Affiliate Incentives

Vendors looking to expand the visibility of their products can integrate their own third party marketplace websites with to reach more buyers and take advantage of’s automated affiliate rewards.

Manage Your Account & Assets

Sellers in the ecosystem have the ability to lease and sell assets on a fractional ownership basis. Lessees and fractional owners have control of their assets directly from marketplaces powered by via a DAO. also gives users the ability to view their transaction history, reputation score, and manage any open orders.


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