Powering the future of e-commerce affiliate marketing

Splyt is the pioneer affiliate marketing solution utilizing blockchain technology to create a P2P e-commerce system that removes middlemen

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About Splyt

Splyt gives sellers the same market reach as Alibaba without the cost.

Splyt streamlines the supply chain of e-commerce sales across multiple marketplaces by using a global inventory, affiliate sales system that leverages blockchain technology.

By removing middlemen, Splyt allows affiliate sales while preventing the ‘double-sell’ problem when demand exceeds inventory. This increases Seller’s market reach with no intermediaries.

Splyt Protocol

Splyt has built the databasing and search engine functionality necessary for affiliate marketing retail e-commerce goods via tokenizing asset listings through smart contract escrows. These tokenized asset listings carry the ability for Sellers to offer bounties for affiliates and other parties who help facilitate a sale or transaction.

A thorough and effective search through existing catalogs and inventories is necessary for Consumers to locate items they wish to purchase from Sellers. The following illustrates how Splyt solves the problem by using Splyt’s global inventory system.



Marketing and Bounties

The Splyt token represents e-commerce transaction “bandwidth” for sellers. In order to list something for sale, a seller must stake some tokens to prevent spamming the network. Once the item is listed, it automatically syncs to all Splyt affiliates and marketplaces with an incentivization to source a buyer for the item and collect the bounty.


TCR Fraud Prevention

The Splyt Token is designed to leverage legacy systems’ positive incentives for dispute resolution through an automated means that alleviates cost and time barriers associated with arbitration. We enable validators in our network to interact with the Global Listing base in a Token Curated Registry (“TCR”) method. This double-stake method can be leveraged at any point where human actors are capable of bad faith behavior.


Payment Escrows

The Splyt Token is designed escrow funds on a purchase to protect buyers. Once the buyer receives the item, the funds will be released to the seller and affiliate(s). If the item is not delivered, the buyer can initiate the Splyt dispute protocol outlined above.



Open Source Code

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Reward mechanism from asset contract
(for fractionally / single purchased items)


Global Inventory

Spl.yt automatically pushed seller’s inventory to the blockchain

Instant Affiliate

Affiliates are paid instantly after a successful sale from the global inventory

Universal Reputation

Reputation follows and protects users no matter where they shop


Spl.yt streamlines disputes without intermediaries

Fractional Sales
and Ownership

Increase market size by allowing fractional purchases of luxury goods


Maximize your sales with real-time analytics tracked by the blockchain

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